Monday, July 28, 2008

My weekend

What a fun weekend! For the first time, I got to go to a grocery store. It was pretty cool, lots of lights and sounds and smells. I also got to go to a place called Chevy's where mom and dad had lunch with some friends. That was fun too! It smelled like Mexican food, which mom and dad really seem to like. They didn't take any pictures at those places, but they were very happy to see that I had a good time and behaved well.

Then on Saturday daddy got stung by a wasp. I wasn't outside when it happened, but he came in all sweaty and stinky and saying words I hadn't heard before. And then we had a bunch of people over. I guess they're friends with mommy and daddy, but Saturday they were all there to see me! Everybody held me and played with me and told me how beautiful I am. Aunt Abby fed me, and Aunt Tina, Ruth, Karen and Anita held me for a long time. Then Aunt Lyn showed up and held me too; I think soon she's going to have a friend for me to play with. Here are a few pictures from that day. Mom and dad didn't take many because they were busy with everyone:

We did lots of other stuff too. We went for a walk, and sat out in the backyard with Woof Woof doggie and Meow Meow kittie. But my favorite thing to do on the weekend? Chill. That's right, chill:

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Deb said...

Sophie, you're hoggin' my friend Anita! ;-0