Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Keeping Mom and Dad busy!

Hello readers! So much has been going on, and I've realized I've been keeping mom and dad so busy they haven't had time to update my blog for you all. I've been growing a lot; I'm almost too big to fit into a lot of the clothes I started wearing when mom and dad brought me home!

I'm starting to settle into a pretty predictable sleep pattern too. I usually call it a night around 8:30 or 9, and then I snooze until 2:00 when I get hungry and wake mom or dad up. Then it's back to sleep until 5, a little snack, and I usually start stirring to get my day started around 7.

And I've been smiling A LOT! It's fun to smile. Mom and dad make me smile cuz they make funny faces, and sing to me. And they read my favorite books to me and tickle my nose. So much stuff makes me smile. Being a baby is awesome.

We've been going out a lot too - we go to the store, to see our friends, to go shopping, to go downtown to festivals or the farmer's market. It's fun, mostly because everyone tells me how beautiful I am!

A few weeks ago we went to downtown Bloomington for Hot August Nights, but we went during the day which I thought was funny. Anyway, it WAS hot! I got to wear my cool sunglasses:

And daddy put a cold washcloth on my head when I got hot:

I love those sunglasses! Soooooo, here's another picture!

I get to cuddle a lot with mommy. She has to go back to work next week, and I'm going to daycare where I will meet all sorts of new friends and learn things. But I'm still making the most of the time I get her to myself:

But when daddy is home I'm all over him too! This is right after he got a bad haircut, and mommy said he was lopsided. I thought that was pretty hilarious! (You can see sister woof-woof in this picture too; she's funny, and has soft fur):

Mom and dad have SO MANY pictures and movies of me. Daddy said he needed a whole day off if he is to ever get them all uploaded to the Web, but you can see a lot of other pictures of me here.

I'll make sure daddy is better about updating this blog too! I think I have him wrapped around my little finger. :)


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