Sunday, June 7, 2009


It's not officially summer yet, dear readers, but it's spring, and that apparently means we get to party outside a lot!

But, first things first. I am pretty much into this whole crawling thing, and mommy and daddy say the next thing for me to get into is walking. That said, they bought me this cool new car that converts from something I can sit on to something I can use to walk around with. I like the sitting part a lot, but lately I've been like, yeah whatever, I can walk with it. And I cruise all over the house, freaking woof woof out and laughing like a mad woman. Anyway, here are some pictures of me with this excellent device:
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As you can see, I'm all like, yeah, whatever. I'm cool like that. But sometimes it hits me - life is freaking awesome man! And I crack myself up:
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So, anyway, like I said, we've been partying outside a lot lately. A few weeks ago we had some friends over, at my advice, and had a cookout. I thought it was pretty awesome, and our friends Brett and Lyn brought over their little guy Hoyt. I hang out with him at daycare a lot, and show him the ropes, like how to get away with stuff and then look all cute so you don't get into trouble. This time around I was kicking it in our back yard, while he was chilling with his mommy.

So this is me, having a banging time in our back yard. As you can see, I look totally awesome.
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Sometimes I get a little annoyed with this hat though.
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And so I give daddy what he calls my Jed Clampett face:
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And this is my homeboy Hoyt, chilling with his mommy:
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So then, check this out - mommy and daddy took me to this wonderful magical place. I told you in an earlier post about this cool park that mommy and daddy's work has. Before I just played on the swings and stuff, but this time . . . they took me to the pool! All I can say is WHOA! At first I wasn't too sure. Daddy got me into the water while mommy was changing, but after awhile I decided this was pretty cool stuff! I got to kick it in my swimsuit, look awesome, get a tan and hang with some other crazy kids! I can't wait to go back and do it again! First, here's me, texting my peeps and letting 'em know how lame I think this going to be. You will notice I'm in a big girl seat now in the car. You will also notice how banging I look. Boo-ya!!
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So then we get there, and I start to feel it out with mommy.
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It was then I realize, yo, this is awesome, let me down and let me party!!
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I had a GREAT time! I played in the sprinklers, and them mommy and daddy took me in the big girl's pool and I bobbed around with them and swam and stuff. It was pretty sweet folks! Try it out sometime, and don't be afraid. Trying new stuff is AWESOME!
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Alrighty then, I have more stuff to do, so be good and safe until next time, and I'll catch up with you soon. Text me!!


Ruth said...

Adorable! What's her text number? Now that school's out, maybe I can come chill in the yard! :) I can make fun faces too!

Caylea Erickson said...

She is getting cuter every single day! I made my own blog it is so check it out!

-Caylea Erickson

p.s. Did Sophie like the bunny?

kiddio said...

thank you very much.